Champions Skills for Safety is a hybrid training process that, thanks to its features, adapts to every student individually. Our goal is to change drivers’ beliefs and habits so that they develop driving behaviors that reduce their probability of a long-term accident.

About the curse


 Safety driving courses are nothing new. Our goal is to take a completely different approach concerning the methodology, the philosophy of the message, and the tools used for the training.


Brain skills for Safety

The competition requires certain skills and behaviors that enable maximum performance and prevent mistakes. These skills and beliefs are identical to those required to develop safe and different driving.


  • Media experience
  • Audiovisual content, where our champions unveil the keys to Digital challenges that students develop on interconnected iPad devices.
  • A comprehensive measure of the impact of student and group education.


Body skills for Safety

Human performance is affected by many factors. We will develop a safe environment to stimulate these changes and use the experience of students in the training process:


  • Simulation of the external alteration of the student’s nervous system
  • Use of driving simulators and VR headsets
  • Driving simulators and VR headsets
  • Student coordination, velocity, and peripheral vision activities. Simulation on the BATAK
  • Attention degradation simulator. Visual recognition cameras and multimedia projection.


Driving skills for Safety

We will develop a final training module on our runway, a monitored environment that allows us to simulate dangerous times in real traffic conditions, but safely.

Technology enables us to control, measure, and share the behavior of each student regarding:


  • Prevention of hazardous times and locations
  • Behavior when interacting with connectivity
  • Behavior in case of tiredness and fatigue
  • Conscious and unconscious driving
  • Real champions in security

Real champions in security

We are sure that all people who participate in CHAMPIONS SKILLS FOR SAFETY will be much better prepared to correctly perceive and assess the risks at the wheel, they will have a more empathetic and supportive attitude towards others, they will know what is important to be safe, and they will be able to put it into practice every day. And this is possible without sacrificing the pleasure of our environment and our methodology.

Data-driven success

All our students face a previous test that provides us with very clear information about certain beliefs and attitudes that support or diminish the ability to develop preventive behavior in daily driving.


The analysis of this data helps us to fully personalize the experience during the in-person experience and to modify the configuration of certain exercises and reflections to adapt them as much as possible to the student and the group.


At the end of the experience, each student passes a final test that tells us his or her changes in beliefs.


This information is shared with the student at the end of the face-to-face course.


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